#1 Why Am I Only Able To Receive Emails And Not Send On Earthlink? von smith895john 17.07.2021 11:03

If you are not able to send emails but receive them on your Earthlink account, then it can be an issue with your Outgoing server configuration. But before you jump to any conclusion and try to make changes to your email settings, you should confirm if the issue you are facing is only with one account or all of them. Check the email address to which you are trying to send this email and try sending an email to another address. If you are able to send emails to another email address but not a particular one, then the problem is definitely with the email address you are entering and not the account.

In case your Earthlink email not working and you are not able to send emails, follow the steps below to fix this issue.
Check the Outgoing (SMTP) settings. The SMTP server name should be “smtpauth.earthlink.net”
The “My Outgoing SMTP server requires authentication” should be enabled.
Enter your correct email address and password in the Username and Password fields.
The SMTP Port should be set to 587.

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